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“Octahedron” Print


“Octahedron” fine art reproduction

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This 8" x 10" reproduction is titled "Octahedron". This platonic solid has 8 faces made of equilateral triangles. The five platonic solids are the only regular three dimensional objects. If you take any platonic solid you will find that on each solid all the faces are made of equilateral shapes, that is, every edge is equal. Each face is exactly the same and at each vertex the same number of faces meet. This is part of a series that shows you the progression from point, vesica piscis, seed of life, flower of life, fruit of life, metatron's cube, to the five platonic solids: the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, and dodecahedron. These are the only 5 shapes that follow these criteria: 1 - the 3d shape must have equal faces i.e. all faces have angles and edge length. 2 - an equal number of faces meet at each vertex of the 3d shape. There are only 5 possible shapes which can exist with such a definition. This is the foundation of sacred geometry. See all of the platonic solids and more all featured in my set of twelve pieces. Just click here.

The original artwork used to make this reproduction was hand painted using acrylic, ink and colored pencils. It is printed on archive quality Hahnemuehle paper to ensure maximum quality and longevity.

Each print is made by me and hand signed on the back.

The frame is not included.

Much Thanks!

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 11 x 9 x .07 in


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