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“Synthesis of the Tree of Life and Tetractys” Free Coloring Page Download


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A friend and I were speaking about how the Tetractys was a sort of tree of life for the Pythagoreans (ancient greeks who were followers of pythagoras) - especially being that the ten aspects of the Tetractys can been seen to correlate with the ten Sephirot (attributes) of the Kaballistic Tree of Life. Knowing that both the Tetractys and the Tree of Life fit into the flower of life separately, I realized that it must be possible for them to fit together. The larger triangle made of ten points that starts with one point at the top is the Tetractys. Each lower row has two, then three, and finally four dots. 1+2+3+4=10 This forms a perfect triangle of ten. In the center is the tree of life, which shares three dots with the Tetractys. Each Sephirot (attribute) is a representation of the infinite through which the physical and metaphysical realms are constantly emanating.

This page is part of my 42 page book "A Garden Where Mandalas Grow" - a coloring book featuring the best of my artwork. Each of the most popular free coloring pages were meticulously groomed and expanded upon in addition to a numerous amount of new pages created from my original paintings.

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